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Event reports and news in and around Bargara

A guide to all the beaches in the Bargara area

Tours & Trips in the Bargara area - from shows to reef - plus details on how and where to book

Boat trips and the best fishing opportunities in Bargara

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Come Diving with us

There's one thing to do in Bargara - Enjoy Yourself!

Try these...

Whale Watching Trip with Oceanview Escapes

Wine Tasting - Visit the Vinyards of Bargara

Visit the Great Barrier Reef - Day trips to Lady Musgrave Island

Visit Ulysses Nursery - The largest supplier in Burnett

Fishing - Many Fishing and Boating Tours

Go to the beach - 7 Beaches to choose from

See Turtles Hatching - At Mon Repos Turtle Sanctuary

Take a Tour - Bundaberg Rum Factory - MiniBus Tours

Have a Barbecue - Many barbacue points around Bargara including atop the Hummock

Go Diving - Diving training and Pro tours

Massage & Healing - Relax and pamper yourself

Hire a Scooter - Go where you want with Scoot-A-Bout

Take a River Cruise - Down the Burnett River on the Bundy Belle, try the special moonlight dining trip

Play a Game - Golf, Tennis, Bowls

Don't just Holiday - have an Adventure!
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